Export Control Assurance (ECA)


Qualcomm Incorporated (美国Qualcomm公司)

5775 Morehouse Drive San Diego, CA 92121 www.qualcomm.com
加利福尼亚州 92121 圣地亚哥 默哈斯路 5775号 网址 : www.qualcomm.com

May 26, 2020
2020年 5月 26日

Dear Business Partner

Qualcomm Incorporated, its subsidiaries and affiliates’ ("Qualcomm") hardware, software, source code and technology (collectively, “Products”)
are governed by the export laws of the US and other countries where we do business.  Products obtained from Qualcomm,
are subject to the US Government (“USG”) export control and economic sanctions regulations, including the Export Administration Regulations
(“EAR”, 15 CFR 730 et seq.) administered by the US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security, and the
Foreign Asset Control Regulations (31 CFR 500 et seq.) administered by the Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”).
These laws prohibit export, re-export, and transfer of Qualcomm Products to certain countries, certain parties or for certain end uses.
The attached Export Control Assurance (“ECA”) (1) collects end use information on Qualcomm's Products, (2) serves as a notification
to you of applicable US and international laws and regulations, and (3) obtains an assurance that your company and
affiliates will comply with applicable requirements. This ECA will remain in effect for two (2) years from the date it was executed.

附属的《出口控制保证函》(简称” ECA”)意在收集关于Qualcomm公司产品的终端使用信息,

Please note: All questions must be entered in English. This document was prepared in English and
translated into Chinese to enhance the communication of this material. 
请注意:此函应用英文填写。此函以英文起草, 中文翻译仅用于协助您的理解。

Corporate officer with authority to execute this certificate and to bind the company to compliance with the obligations stated herein.  If you have any questions on the form, you may email Qualcomm Export Compliance  ec.ops@qualcomm.com.

签署本保函的公司官员需被充分授权, 并确保约束公司遵守保函中所申明的义务。如果您对表格有任何疑问,请发送邮件 至ec.ops@qualcomm.com。

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in accurately completing and returning the ECA.

I. End-Use Certification

A. Complete this section for the location to which Qualcomm is shipping Products.

Please enter Full Legal Entity Name
Please enter Company Website
Please enter Company Address
Please enter State/Province
Please enter City
Please select Country
Please enter Postal Code
Please enter valid Email
Please enter valid Phone Number
Please select Partner Type

B. If the address listed in ‘A’ is your company's headquarters you may request additional locations to be covered under this ECA.  Include the Company Name, Address, City/State, Country, Postal Code, Phone Number, email address and Web Site for each location. (Incomplete information may cause delays or rejection of the ECA). 
如贵司在A部分填写的为公司总部所在地, 贵司可能要求Qualcomm产品被运送至其他应被涵括在本保证函项下的地址, 请在下表中补充填写每一收货地的信息, 包括公司名称, 地址, 市/省, 国家, 邮编, 电话号码,邮箱以及网站地址 (若不能完整地提供所有必需的信息, 此保证函的生效可能产生延迟或被拒绝接受)。

Please enter details.

C. Describe your company business(examples:  Original Equipment Manufacturer, Original Design Manufacturer, Foundry, Semiconductor Assembly & Test Facility, Research & Development, Reseller, Distributor, etc.).
请描述贵司的业务 (例如:原始设备制造商、 原始设计厂商、 晶圆厂商、 半导体装配与测试设备、 研发、经销商、分销商等)。

Please enter details.

D. End items produced with Products you receive from Qualcomm. Select all that apply.

Please select values.

E. Describe the intended end-use of the end items selected in section D (example: Consumer Electronics, Telecom, Oil Exploration, etc.).

Please enter details.

F. List all countries of ultimate destination (intended ship to country) for Products provided by Qualcomm in the form received by you.
Note: This is not the list of countries to which you will be shipping your finished product, if you are incorporating the Qualcomm products into a new end-item]

Please enter details.

II. Prohibited End-Users

The undersigned company warrants, and agrees that it will not export, re-export, transfer or release hardware, software, or technology, or the direct product thereof, to parties named on the USG and international denial and parties of concern lists. The undersigned company further warrants and agrees that it is not a denied person, is not owned or controlled by a denied person, and is not acting on behalf of a denied person.
在此签字的公司保证并同意公司不会将硬件、软件、或技术, 包括与其相关的直接产品出口、 再出口、 运输或发行至如下美国政府以及国际拒绝往来名单所列的各方。 在此签字的公司进一步保证并同意其不属于“被禁止人员”, 或其“被禁止人员”拥有或控制, 也不代表“被禁止人员”行事。

Denied Parties Lists are available at: http://export.gov/ecr/eg_main_023148.asp

III. Prohibited End-Uses 

The undersigned company warrants and agrees that Products received from Qualcomm will not be  used directly or indirectly in prohibited proliferation activities (EAR § 744) related to nuclear weapons, fuel production, or propulsion systems; missile,  rocket, or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems, chemical or biological weapons end-uses; or by any party engaged in such activities.
在此签字的公司保证并同意, 公司不会将从Qualcomm公司取得的产品直接或间接地用于被美国商务部工业与安全局 《出口管理条例》(EAR第744部分)  禁止的任何扩散活动或被任何从事相关活动的一方使用, 该等相关活动包括: 核武器、  燃料生产或推进系统; 导弹、 火箭或无人驾驶飞机 (UAV) 系统, 生化武器等最终用途。 

Link to EAR § 744: https://www.bis.doc.gov/index.php/documents/regulations-docs/2343-744-1/file

IV. US Export Controls and Economic Sanctions

The Products supplied by Qualcomm are subject to the export control and economic sanctions laws and regulations of the United States. Those export control and economic sanctions laws and regulations prohibit the export, reexport or transfer of the Products to any of the following, except as specifically authorized by the competent United States Government agencies:

1. Any person or entity that is engaged, directly or indirectly, in the design, development,
    production, testing, stockpiling or use of any nuclear, chemical or biological weapons,
    or any rocket systems, space launch vehicles, sounding rockets,
    unmanned air vehicle (UAV):
2. Any person or entity listed on any United States Government list of prohibited and
    restricted parties (the “RPL”); or
3. Any person or entity located in any country that is subject to comprehensive United States
    export restrictions, including Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria
    and the Crimean Region.


1. 任何个人或实体直接或间接地从事在设计,开发,生产,试验,储存或使用任何核武器,
    化学武器或生物武器,或任何火箭系统,太空运载火箭,探空火箭,无人机(UAV )
2. 任何美国政府禁止和限制名单上列出的任何个人或实体(以下简称“RPL”)
. 受美国出口限制,包括古巴,伊朗,朝鲜,苏丹,叙利亚和克里米亚地区的任何个人或实体

V. Military End-Use and End-User

The undersigned company warrants and agrees that Products received from Qualcomm will not be used for military end-uses or military end-users except to the extent authorized by US law.
在此签字的公司保证并同意,未经美国法律授权许可, 公司不会将从Qualcomm公司获得的产品用于军事用途和最終用戶。

Answer each question below

Are you a “military end-user” as defined under EAR § 744.17, at the following link? 

Select the applicable option / 选择适用的选项

Please Answer this question.

Is the intended end-use of the Products for military end-use, or for military end-users as defined under EAR § 744.21, at the following link? 
产品预期的最终用途是否属于军事用途,或提供给《出口管理条例》 第744.17部分 (如下附链接所示) 定义的军事终端用户? 

Select the applicable option / 选择适用的选项

  Please Answer this question.
Please enter details.

Link to EAR§ 744: https://www.bis.doc.gov/index.php/documents/regulations-docs/2343-744-1/file.
《出口管理条例》第744.17部分 链接:https://www.bis.doc.gov/index.php/documents/regulations-docs/2343-744-1/file.

VI. Notice of National Security Export Controls

Products classified under export control classification numbers (“ECCNs”) 3A001, 3A002, 5A001, and other ECCNs are subject to EAR National Security (“NS”) export controls. A US export license may be required to export, re-export, or transfer these Products to the below list of D1/E1/E2 countries (EAR § 740). The undersigned company warrants and agrees that NS controlled products will not be sold to D1/E1/E2 countries, except to the extent authorized by US law.
出口管制分类编码(简称“ECCNs”编码)3A001、3A002、 5A001项下的产品, 以及其他ECCNs编码均应受 《出口管理条例》 国家安全 (简称为“NS”) 出口管制的监管。 出口、再出口或运输此类商品到以下列表中D1/E1/E2国家 (《出口管理条例》 第740条) 前需要先获得美国出口许可。 在此签字的公司保证并同意,除非得到美国法律授权许可, 公司不会将国家安全管制的商品销往D1/E1/E2类国家。

EAR § 740D1/E1/E2 Countries
《出口管理条例》第740条 D1/E1/E2国家
Armenia 亚美尼亚 Azerbaijan 阿塞拜疆 Belarus 白俄罗斯 Cambodia 柬埔寨 China(PRC) 中国
Cuba 古巴 Georgia 格鲁吉亚 Iraq 伊拉克 Iran 伊朗 Kazakhstan 哈萨克斯坦
Kyrgyzstan 吉尔吉斯斯坦 Laos 老挝 Libya 利比亚 Macau 澳门 Moldova 摩尔多瓦
Mongolia 蒙古 North Korea 北朝鲜 Russia 俄罗斯 Sudan(North) 北苏丹 Syria 叙莉亚
Tajikistan 塔吉克斯坦 Turkmenistan 土库曼斯坦 Ukraine 乌克拉 Uzbekistan 乌兹别克斯坦 Venezuela 委内瑞拉
Vietnam 越南 Yemen 也门

VII. Restricted Encryption Products under EAR § 740.17(b)(2)

The undersigned company if in possession of Qualcomm Products that are considered Restricted Encryption Products agrees to comply with EAR restrictions on such Products, including the limitations of EAR § 740.17, License Exception ENC.  
在此签字的公司,如果拥有被认定为限制类加密产品的Qualcomm公司产品, 公司同意遵守美国商务部 《出口管理条例》 对此类产品的管制规定, 包括第740条17款加密产品豁免例外项下的限制。

A. Examples of Restricted Encryption Products  listed in EAR § 740.17(b)(2)(i)
美国商务部《出口管理条例》第 740条17款(b)(2)(i)项列出的限制类加密产品包括但不限于以下各项,

See section 740.17(b)(2) for a list of the types of products that are restricted:
Some examples of restricted Products include:

完整的限制类产品清单请参见《出口管理条例》第 740条17款 (b)(2)(i),链接:

• Network Infrastructure including; Wide Area Network (WAN), Metropolitan Area Network
  (MAN), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Backhaul and Long-Haul Throughput,
   Satellite Infrstructure Media Gateway and other Unified Communications (UC)
   Infrastructure, ​including Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services
   Voice/Video/Data encryption or encrypted signaling to more than 2,500 end-points,
   including Centralized Key Management and Terrestrial Wireless Infrastructure
   (Air Interface Coverage).
  网络基础设施包括;广域网(WAN),城域网(MAN), 虚拟专用网(VPN),

• Proprietary Encryption Source Code

• Open Cryptographic Interface or Cryptanalytic Products

• Encryption Modified for Government or to Customer/Supplier Specification,
   or Easily Changed by User (If  Not Publicly Available)

• Providing Quantum Encryption Functions

• Encryption Modified or Customized for 4A003 Computers

• Products Used for Cyber Attacks

• Public Safety/First Responder Radios

• Encryption Technology

B. Government End-Users under EAR § 740.17(b)(2)(ii)

The undersigned company agrees not to export, re-export, transfer or release Restricted Encryption Products directly or indirectly to “Government End-Users” without prior written authorization of the US Government, except that such Products may be exported, re-exported, or re-transferred, in compliance with License Exception ENC, EAR § 740.17(b)(2), to Government End-Users located or headquartered in: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States
在此签字的公司同意,在没有事先获得美国政府的书面授权时, 公司不会直接或者间接地将限制类加密产品出口, 再出口,运输或发行至“政府终端用户”, 除非此类产品的出口、 再出口或再运输是与 《出口管理条例》 第740条17款(b)(2)(ii)项加密产品豁免例外所允许的, 且是运至处于澳大利亚, 奥地利,比利时, 保加利亚,加拿大, 塞浦路斯,捷克共和国, 丹麦,爱沙尼亚,芬兰,法国, 德国,希腊,匈牙利, 冰岛,爱尔兰,意大利, 日本,拉脱维亚,立陶宛, 卢森堡,马耳他, 荷兰,新西兰,挪威, 波兰,葡萄牙, 罗马尼亚,斯洛伐克,斯洛维尼亚, 西班牙,瑞典,瑞士, 土耳其,英国和美国的政府终端用户或其总部。

C. EAR § 772 defines “Government End-User”as follows
美国商务部《出口管理条例》第 772条对“政府终端用户”作出了如下定义:

a) Any foreign central, regional or local government department, agency, or other entity performing governmental functions
a) 任何外国的中央、地方或者当地的政府部门、机构或其他执行政府职能的实体

b) Including governmental research institutions, governmental corporations or their
    separate business units1 (as defined in EAR § 772) which are engaged in
    the manufacture or distribution of Products or services controlled
    on the Wassenaar Munitions List and international governmental organizations.
    (http://www.wassenaar.org/controllists/index.html) and
b) 包括政府研究机构、 政府企业或其独立的业务单位
  (如《出口管理条例》第 772条所定义). 从事瓦瑟纳尔军火清单
  (Wassenaar Munitions List, http://www.wassenaar.org/controllists/index.html)

c) Includes more sensitive government end users to national/federal/royal
    (departments, agencies and entities). An example of a more sensitive
    government end-use is defined as state/national telecommunications and
    information technology agencies, boards, councils and development
    authorities (including national information/critical infrastructure data centers,
    and Information and communications Technology (ICT) telecommunications
    infrastructure/spectrum planning, policy, regulation and testing.
    See Part 772 of the Export Administration Regulation (EAR)
    for an additional list of more sensitive government end-users.
c) 包括更敏感的政府终端用户国家/联邦/皇室(部门,机构和单位)。
    更敏感的政府终端用户的一个例子. 例如定义成为国家/国家电信和信息技术机构 董事会,
    电信基础设施,频谱规划政策,法规和测试單位。如《出口管理条例》第 772条所定义)

d) International governmental organizations (UN, NATO, OPEC etc.)
d) 国际政府组织(联合国、北大西洋公约组织、石油输出国组织等)

Note: The term Government End-User does not include: utilities (including telecommunications
companies and Internet service providers); banks and financial institutions; transportation;
broadcast or entertainment; educational organizations (except public schools and universities);
civil health and medical organizations (including public civilian hospitals); retail
or wholesale firms; and manufacturing or industrial entities not engaged in the
manufacture or distribution of items or services controlled on the Wassenaar Munitions List.

银行及金融机构;交通业;广播或娱乐业;教育机构 (除了公众学校和大学);
公众健康和医疗机构 (包括公众民用医院);零售或批发商;

“Business Unit” as applied to encryption items, means a unit of a business which, whether or not separately incorporated, has
a) A distinct organizational structure which does not overlap with other business units of the same business 
b) A distinct set of accounts; and 
c) Separate facilities for purchase, sale, delivery, and production of goods and services.

Answer each question below

Are you a Government End-User as defined under EAR § 772?

Select the applicable option / 选择适用的选项
Please Answer this question.

Is the end-use of the Products for government end-use?

Select the applicable option / 选择适用的选项
If yes, list countries(如果贵司的回答是肯定,请在此列出具体国家名称)​
Please Answer this question.

VIII. Singapore Strategic Trade Requirements

To: Director-General, Singapore Customs
致 新加坡海關

I confirm that all goods loaned/gifted/purchased/received (directly/indirectly) from Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd (QCTAP) and Qualcomm Global Trading Pte. Ltd. (QGT) will not be used in relation to nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, or missiles capable of delivering these weapons. Furthermore, I also confirm that all goods loaned/gifted/purchased/received (directly/indirectly) from Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd (QCTAP) and Qualcomm Global Trading Pte. Ltd. (QGT) will not be re-exported or sold to a third party who is known or suspected to be involved in relation to nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, or missiles capable of delivering these weapons, or to any sanctioned entities. I also confirm that any re-export or sale to a third party, is carried out in compliance with the originating/supplying and receiving countries’ export control laws, as applicable.

本人确认,所有从Qualcomm CDMA技术亚太私人有限公司(简称“QCTAP”)及Qualcomm全球贸易私人有限公司(简称“QGT”)借出/赠与/购买/ (直接/间接) 接收的物品均不会用于核武器、生物或化学武器或能够运载这些武器的导弹。此外,我还确认,所有从Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd (QCTAP) 和 Qualcomm Global Trading Pte. Ltd. (QGT)借出/赠与/购买/ (直接/间接) 接收的物品均不会再出口或出售给任何已知或涉嫌涉及核武器、生化武器或能够运载这些武器的导弹的第三方, 或任何被制裁的实体。本人亦确认,任何转口或出售予第三方的物品,均符合原产/供应及接收国家所适用的相关出口管制法例法规。

I certify Exports from Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd. (QCTAP) Singapore, STS bulk permits T3U7766C01P and Qualcomm Global Trading Pte. Ltd. (QGT) Singapore STS bulk permits T3U7853D01P, both located at No. 6 Serangoon North Avenue 5, #04-02 Singapore 554910 and 51 Alps Ave#04-02 Singapore 498783 originating in Singapore are authorized under the current Singapore Customs Bulk Permit, if the Products are classified under specific Strategic Goods Product Codes including DL5A002, DL5B002, DL5D002, DL5E002, DL5D001D4, DL5E001A, DL5E001B3, DL5E001C4A, DL3E002C, DL3B002 and DL5A001 among others according to the Strategic Goods Control Act (SGCA).  The ECCN block of the Commercial Invoice will indicate the DLXX001/002 code or NOCLASS (for non-strategic goods) when applicable. These strategic goods may include goods classified under Harmonized System (HS) Codes 8542.31, 8542.32, 8542.33, 8542.39, 8471.30, 8517.62 and/or 9030.40, 9030.89, 9030.90 among others. The products to be authorized are but not limited to Qualcomm controlled chipsets and development test platform (DTP). Products classified under other Strategic Goods Product Codes require an individual export permit.   

本人确认Qualcomm CDMA技术亚太私人有限公司(简称“QCTAP”)STS批量许可证号 T3U7853D01P 及Qualcomm全球贸易私人有限公司(简称“QGT”)STS 批量许可证T3U7853D01P号,坐落于No. 6 Serangoon North Avenue 5, #04-02 Singapore 554910 and 51 Alps Ave#04-02 Singapore 498783. 依照《战略物品管制法案》(简称为“SGCA”),从新加坡出口的,源自于上述两公司的产品被归类于特定战略产品编码,包括DL5A002, DL5B002, DL5D002, DL5E002, DL5A001B4, DL5D001D4, DL5E001A, DL5E001B3, DL5E001C4A, DL3E002C, DL3B002和 DL5A001 已取得当前新加坡海关的批量许可证的授权。
商业发票中的ECCN编码部分将依照适用情况注明DLXX001/002代码或者无分类 (针对非战略物品)。上述战略物品可能会包括根据统一制度海关编码( HS编码)分类到代码8542.31, 8542.32, 8542.33, 8542.39, 8471.30, 8517.62和/或9030.40, 9030.89, 9030.90项下的货物。被授权产品包括但不限于高通控制芯片组和开发测试平台(DTP) ,未列入上述产品分类而被归类于其他战略物资产品编码的产品需要申请单批次许可证。

IX. Certification of ECA

The undersigned company understands that the USG and other applicable governments from time to time may amend their export control laws and regulations including the lists of prohibited entities, restricted destinations, or proliferation activities and that all such amendments shall be applicable to this certification, and that the undersigned company is ultimately responsible for complying with any applicable US and applicable international export control laws and regulations. This provision and the assurances shall survive termination of any purchase order, agreement, or contract. The undersigned company agrees to notify Qualcomm of any changes to this ECA or if the end-use or end-user of any Products change prior to any shipment or transfer.
在此签字的公司理解, 美国政府和其他相应政府可能会不时修改其出口管制法律和法规, 包括被禁止的实体名单、受限制的目的地名单,或者扩散活动清单, 上述各修订案也应适用于本保证函, 同时, 在此签字的公司应最终对其遵守任何所适用的美国及国际出口管制相关的出口管制法律和法规负责。 上述条款以及在此做出的保证在任何采购订单、协议或合同终止时仍持续有效。 在此签字的公司同意在本保证函发生任何改变的情况下, 或在任何产品的最终用途或最终用户发生改变的情况下, 公司应在产品运输或装货之前通知Qualcomm公司。

I certify that I am the Corporate officer with authority to execute this certificate and to bind the company to compliance with the obligations stated herein.
签署本出口控制保证函的公司官员需被充分授权, 并确保约束公司遵守保函中所申明的义务 。

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